In 2014, Tom Ehlers followed his dream to be an independent business owner and entrepreneur by founding Columbia Builders of California, Inc. The dream is focused on working with other successful business owners to make their dreams and goals come true. Tom has over 25 years of experience in the industry, constructing millions of dollars worth of projects.  With a BS in Construction Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Tom worked to build other local general contractors, managing projects large and small.  Tom has worked on just about every type of construction project imaginable.  Here are a few highlights:




Caltrans projects

Airport terminals

Performing Arts facilities

OSHPD hospitals


Concrete Tilt-up construction

Pre-engineered buildings

Historical retrofits  (URM's)





Police facilities


Movie Theaters   

Medical facilities    

RV parks

Restaurants and Kitchens



Tenant improvements

Locker rooms


Nuclear storage facilities

Multi story steel buildings

Masonry buildings


Chemical laboratories



Why Columbia Builders?  I'll answer that with asking a question - Have you ever wondered why is our nation's capitol is named Washington, D.C.?  Why District of Columbia?  The "new world," or thirteen colonies, was poetically and commonly referred to as "Columbia" because much of Europe believed that the "new world" was founded by the courageous acts of Christopher Columbus.  They believed that Columbus followed his dreams.  Therefore, the area around the newly-created Federal Capitol became know as the District of Columbia.  Our founding fathers would use the term "de Columb," as a way of saying "cool,” or “awesome," to refer to something that was of the "new world."  The name Columbia also became a personification in European papers of the new Americas, representing new opportunities, new liberties, and the ability to follow your dreams.  This name eventually evolved into a new character - Lady Liberty, hence the Statue of Liberty.  All of this translates into our country’s founding principals - our unalienable rights to "Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness" - having the freedom and liberty to pursue our dreams.  Freedom. Liberty. Opportunity. Dreams.  This is why Columbia Builders wishes to build your project.  We live our dream by building yours.