Why Columbia Builders?  I'll answer that with asking a question - Have you ever wondered why is our nation's capitol is named Washington, D.C.?  Why District of Columbia?  The "new world", or thirteen colonies, was poetically and commonly referred to as "Columbia" as much of Europe believed that the "new world" was because of the courageous acts of Christopher Columbus.  They believe that Columbus followed his dreams  Therefore, the area around the newly-created Federal Capitol became the District of Columbia.  Our founding fathers would use the term "de Columb", kind of like we say "cool, or awesome", to refer to something that was of the "new world".  The name Columbia also became a personification in European papers to represent the new Americas - new opportunities, new liberties, ability to follow your dreams.  This name eventually evolved into a new character - Lady Liberty, hence the Statue of Liberty.  All of this translates into our countries founding principals - our unalienable rights of "Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness" - freedom and liberty to pursue our dreams.  Freedom. Liberty. Opportunity. Dreams.  This is why Columbia Builders wishes to build your project.  We build our dream by building your dreams.